Monday, September 27, 2004


Readers, be appreciative of this entry. I had to fight long and hard to talk the Leotard out of a veto, which he has never pulled before.

What do all of the above people have in common?

Well, okay, except for the one on the bottom.

These are all people who Leo has at various times 1) believed to be women and 2) found sexually attractive.

Boy George stole Leo's heart when he was an adolescent. Since most adolescent boys have--let's say-- not very finicky standards in these matters, I guess I can see how such a thing could happen.

But HANSON? They weren't big until 1996. Leo was born in 1970-- do the math. NAMBLA.

Leo is not the most romantically complimentary person in the world. The most I get is a "You look cute" once every couple of months. Now I know I can't compete with the ideal woman he worships in his head.

Addendum: Leo points out that it was specifically "The Hanson on the right" and still believes "She looks like a chick."


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